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Defence Capability Centre (DCC)

Integral to the delivery of education and training in technology is the Defence Capability Centre (DCC) situated on the Defence Academy site at Shrivenham.

The facility, which opened on 1 April 2007, provides leading edge facilities and resources to enable effective learning in the practical elements of defence technology. It has two main goals:To enable more effective delivery of technology-based education and training in a stimulating environment. The DCC layout is flexible and supports a wide range of modern educational delivery methods with real military hardware.To provide high quality Defence synthetic environments to enable research, experimentation and integration that includes supporting the themes of NEC and CBM.

The DCC has several reconfigurable, flood-wired syndicate rooms and synthetic environments as well as a large main hall (110m x 17m) and five equipment halls. In addition, the large adjacent car park is ducted so that external static vehicle and units can be connected to the DC network.These facilities are available for hire subject to availability. For further details, please contact the DCC Manager on +44 (0)1793 785569