Capability and Acquisition Series - CAPACA

Technology School
Module 1 - 4 days
Module 2 - 10 days
Module 4 - 3 days

About this programme

Modules 1 and 2 are currently being redesigned.  It is anticipated that training will resume in April/May 21.  Dates will be advertised here shortly.

The Capability and Acquisition Series is a programme of practitioner level courses, consisting of four modules. It demonstrates how the UK MOD undertakes the end to end process of sourcing and supporting new and existing military capability. Course topics are contextualised in the UK MOD environment with practical examples given throughout. In Summer 2020 some of the modules will undertake redesign to focus on MOD context rather than professional qualification which will be made available via alternative MOD/government routes to market being looked at by the Project Delivery Function.

Through undertaking the Capability and Acquisition Series, you will be provided with the practitioner level skills to be able to understand and then apply UK MOD commercial, financial and investment appraisal processes to your own roles.

For more information and dates

To find out more about the modules, planned dates and to register your interest, click the associated module link in the key information section on the right hand side of this page.

What you will learn

Module 1 – Capability 
Acquire an understanding of the MOD’s capability management processes and their application in the development and generation of affordable and strategy-compliant force structures and military capability.

Module 2 – Acquisition 
Acquire an understanding of the MOD’s acquisition management processes, preparing you to work within the MOD acquisition environment.

Module 3 - Project Management
This module has been discontinued.  Interested students should apply for the Association of Project Management BOK7 course and/or Association of Project Management Examination Preparation -Virtual (PPMEP-V) which align with the Module 3 syllabus.

Module 4 – Requirements
Focus on the understanding and application of tools and techniques and the principles of how to develop, deliver, test, analyse and manage robust requirements – which are themselves an essential element of delivering military capability to the front line commands.

How will this programme help my career?

This programme is recognised as part of the military capability and acquisition FKSE (Functional Knowledge Skills and Experience) and is a prerequisite for a number of military posts. If you are a civil servant, the programme will provide you with the key skills needed to undertake a job in the capability and acquisition arena. If you are an international student or from industry, the programme will provide you with a working understanding of the process and lexicon the UK MOD use in the capability and acquisition arena. 

Security and restrictions

The course will be briefed at Official.

Before you attend

  • Module 1 must be completed before undertaking Module 2.
  • Module 2 
  • Module 3 has been discontinued. Please see 'About this course for further details'
  • Module 1 must be completed before undertaking Module 4 (Module 2 is not requisite). 
Before attending any module you need to have read the 2020 release of  ‘How Defence Works’ available on DEFNET homepage through MODNET access.

Can I attend this programme?

This programme is suitable for the following type(s) of applicant.
  • Industry
  • Military
  • MOD Civil Servants

How will I learn?

Blended Learning, Classroom, Online