Cyber Foundation Pathway – Module 4 - CFPM4

Technology School
9 days residential

About this course

In light of current events the Defence Cyber School is delivering this Cyber Foundation Pathway Module remotely via the Defence Learning Environment (DLE). 
The courses will run on the planned dates as an instructor supported remote learning package via DLE, audio and text chat sessions. 
This course is part of the Cyber Foundation Pathway, building on the technical skills learned in Modules 1 to 3 and introducing attack and defend techniques. You will take part in a penetration test against a fictional company network, discovering weaknesses and vulnerabilities and seeing how malicious actors could exploit these to gain access to systems and services. You will also learn how to conduct low level malware analysis, network incident response and basic computer and network forensics.

The assessment is not part of the residential course and must be booked following the module. 

What you will learn

  • Network scanning and reconnaissance
  • Vulnerability discovery and exploitation
  • Malware usage and persistence methods
  • Malware identification, triage, and analysis
  • Network analysis using common defensive cyber tool suites

How will this course help my career?

Each module in the Cyber Foundation Pathway builds sequentially on the learning from preceding modules. Successful completion of this module will enable you to proceed to the next module to further build your cyber skills.

Before you attend

To attend module 4 you just have:
To attempt the Module 4 exam, you must have already passed the assessments for all previous modules, up to and including module 3.

Can I attend this course?

This course is suitable for the following type(s) of applicant.
  • Military
  • MOD Civil Servants
  • Partners Across Government (PAG)
Students must be minimum SC cleared.

How will I learn?

Blended Learning

How will you be assessed?

Assessment of this module will be based on a two hour multiple choice exam. The exam will have a theory and practical element where you will be expected to be able to conduct a short penetration test against a virtual network. The pass mark is 70%.

The assessment is not part of the course. You may only book the assessment once you have successfully completed all prior CFP assessments.