Cyber Operational Awareness (Core) Course - COACC

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About this course

COACC will equip you with an awareness of defence cyber at the operational level, with visiting lecturers from Defence, wider government and industry who will provide the context within which you will develop a knowledge of the opportunities and challenges presented by cyber, and the personalities, organisations and stakeholders with whom you will interact. 

What you will learn

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How will this course help my career?

COACC will give you a basic awareness of cyber operations within Defence, and as a result of attending, you will be more able to think about and employ cyber at the operational level and better-equipped for roles requiring this knowledge and skillset. 

You will receive the competency Cyber Ops/Cyber Plans & Pol/Joint on completion.

Security and restrictions

  • Military and Civil Service personnel only 
  • minimum SC clearance required
  • UK, US, Australian, Canadian and New Zealand nationals only

Before you attend

Recommended reading:

The Cyber Primer

The National Cyber Security Strategy

Joint Doctrine Note 01/18 – UK Cyber and Electromagnetic Activities

JCN 01/17: UK Future Force Concept

Rid, T. (2013). Cyber War Will Not Take Place. 1st ed. London: Hurst.

Kaplan, F. (2016). Dark Territory - The Secret History of Cyberwar. 1st ed. New York: Simon & Schuster.

Can I attend this course?

This course is suitable for the following type(s) of applicant.
  • Military
  • MOD Civil Servants
  • Other government departments (OGDs)
Due to the nature of this course, it is only available to UK, US, Canadian, Australian or New Zealand nationals who hold at least an SC level of clearance and are Military or Civil Service (not necessarily Defence) employees. 

How will I learn?


How will you be assessed?

You will explore doctrine, legal implications, current cyber developments and R&D, the operational environment and the utility of cyber effects within it, and the operational roles and responsibilities of the organisations with a cyber and cyber-related role within defence.