Defence Diversity & Inclusion (Practitioner) - DD&I (P)

Defence Leadership Centre
2 days residential

About this course

The aim of the DD&I (P) course is to prepare military and Civil Service personnel to perform duties as a DD&I (P) at unit, establishment and formation headquarters level.

Delegates for these courses should follow guidance in 2020DIN07-050 before applying and selecting course dates.

What you will learn

You will learn/develop:
  • articulate current Defence DD&I strategy, policies, initiatives and benefits in order to promote a whole force inclusive working environment
  • understand the importance of a whole force inclusive working environment and how it relates to the overall workplace DD&I culture to assist the DD&I (A) in improving the overall climate of the unit
  • provide appropriate support to all personnel on DD&I issues and to signpost as required for further support and help in relation to raising complaints relating to discrimination, bullying, harassment and/or abuse
  • identify when and how to take action against any unacceptable behaviour
  • support with the delivery of effective DD&I training

How will this course help my career?

Please contact the course administrator for more information.

Security and restrictions

Limited to MOD personnel.

Before you attend

  • D&I Fundamentals on line course – completed within the previous 12 months and achieving a pass mark of at least 80%.
  • Unconsciousness Bias on line course – completed within previous 12 months.
  • Pre course activity of between 4 – 6 hours.

Can I attend this course?

This course is suitable for the following type(s) of applicant.
  • Military
  • MOD Civil Servants
Delegates for these courses should apply  through  their TLBs as per 2019DIN07-028. 

How will I learn?

Blended Learning

How will you be assessed?

  • Completion of Defence Diversity and Inclusion Fundamentals Course with pass mark of at least 80%.
  • Assessments will be conducted throughout the course.
  • You will be deemed competent or non-competent to carry out the role of a D&I (P).
  • Following  successful  completion  of all  course pre-requisites and assessments you will  be eligible for the ILM Level  4 Award in Managing Equality & Diversity  in Organisations  (not paid for by Defence  Leadership Centre).