Executive Leadership and Management - ICSC-ELM

Joint Services Command and Staff College
9 working days - residential

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£1,421 tuition for the pilot course only. Further iterations will be POA.

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About this course


British Army officers are trained at the world renowned Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst. This world class training draws on hundreds of years of experience to prepare the British Army officer to lead in complex, fluid environments around the world.  

The Army officer’s principle goal is to serve to lead, ensuring that each and every soldier is able to develop and realise their full potential. This skill is based on taking a number of different leadership techniques and being able to apply them on an individual bespoke basis to ensure that coherent, high functioning teams are created without financial incentive. 

After approximately 10 years’ service, all Army officers receive additional mid-career training and education over a concentrated six month period at the Defence Academy, Shrivenham.  Of particular importance during this course is the focus on improving officers’ understanding of leadership.  Each individual is encouraged to evaluate their own experiences framed within academically recognised leadership theories.  They are then challenged to consciously develop their own leadership and management approach. 

The Army is running a reduced-cost pilot to open this Leadership module to suitably experienced executives from the commercial world.  

Executive Leadership and Management is a two-week residential course delivered through a mixture of classroom activity and central lectures from Academics and guests from the military and commercial world.  It will cover a mixture of theory and discussion based on practical experience.  

Each participating executive will be encouraged to contribute their experiences in a symbiotic process of mutual education, participating with Army officers in all aspects of the course. 
This unique opportunity offers an unrivalled access to draw on the experiences of some of the Army’s finest leaders and share new approaches to age-old challenges. Combining the experiences of the boardroom with those of the battlefield we believe will produce a unique approach to leadership that will help create high performing teams and excellent leaders. This is a career defining experience.

This pilot is offered for £1421 per student for tuition or £2300 including onsite full board accommodation including the central weekend, however confirmation of accommodation is subject to availability at time of booking. The course starts mid-morning on 14 January, but rooms are available for the night of 13 January for £55. Civil Servant applicants will be charged the tuition cost plus approx. £35 per night full board. MoD Civil Servants will use entitled accommodation rates and PAYD feeding; these are lower but vary and individuals should verify them during application. Applying for and funding the CMI Level 7 Certificate is a student responsibility costing £124 upon course completion.  

Closing date for applications is 15 Nov 19.

What you will learn

As an accredited CLM Level 7 Certificate course in Strategic Management and Leadership, your learning experience will include: 

  • Advancing your leadership skills through peer discussion;
  • Drawing on the experiences of others to better approach challenges in your own work environment;
  • Learning how to create influence, empower others and enable change in your organisation;  
  • A better understanding of yourself, and how to influence and motivate others;  
  • Developing the fundamentals of clear, concise and effective written and verbal communication;  
  • Improving your network.
The course is highly interactive, and will include one written and one verbal formative assessment.  There are no physical elements to the course. 


Days 1-3: Understand yourself and the subject.  
  • Increase your self-awareness and understanding of resilience.
  • Develop knowledge of leadership theory in a military and civilian context.
Days 4-5: Know your team. 
  • Examine differences between leadership and management, and explore followership.  
  • Develop ability to give feedback, coach or mentor individuals and examine leadership in stressful environments.   
Days 6-7: Understand your organisation. 
  • Discuss the value of ethics in military decision making.
  • Improve understanding of managing change as a leader.
Days 8-9: Communicate decisively. 
  • Construct convincing analytical written evidence to support your argument.
  • Deliver a time constrained presentation analysing leadership theories.

How will this course help my career?

Leadership is what the Army does. This course offers you an unrivalled opportunity to learn from and with individuals trained primarily to be superlative leaders. You will not receive this level of insight and peer practitioner interaction elsewhere.

Students are also able to pursue Level 7 CMI accreditation.  CMI registration and accreditation is at delegate's own cost.

Security and restrictions

  • This course is delivered at the post-graduate level.  Overseas students are required to be fluent in written and spoken English.  
  • Students will be enrolled onto a virtual learning platform for course delivery.  Students will require their own laptops and a functioning email account.  
  • Pre-course work is mandatory and will be identified in the course joining instructions.  
  • The course is delivered on a UK military base and you will be subject to UK MoD security procedures whilst onsite. 
  • Students are to attend the entire module and should expect to be absent from their workplace for the duration of the module.  
  • Evening and some work over the central weekend is to be expected. 
  • A working knowledge of leadership theories is useful but not expected.

Can I attend this course?

This course is suitable for the following type(s) of applicant.
  • Industry
  • Internationals
  • MOD Civil Servants
  • Partners Across Government (PAG)
This course is aimed at immersing the mid-career executive in theories of leadership, management and their practical application.  

Experienced in leading teams from 4 to 100 the applicant should have 6-12 years’ experience in the commercial world.  For reference, the average age of the Army student is 32 with 8 years’ experience. MoD industry partners, Civil Servants and members of other government departments are also welcome.  

By applying for this course, you are seeking to reflect on and develop your own leadership style, create a high performing teams and a positive learning environment within your organisation. 

We have up to 12 spaces on the pilot course open to applicants from:

  • Commercial sector;
  • Industry; 
  • Civil Servants and members of other government departments, including the Emergency Services.
Serving UK military personnel can only attend this course as part of the full-time ICSC(L) and will be invited by their career manager. 

How will I learn?

Blended Learning

How will you be assessed?

Written and verbal (group presentation) assessments.