Integrated Logistic Support – Tailoring, Whole Life Costs & Risk - ILSTWR

Business Skills College
2 days
Multiple locations

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About this course

The F2F version of this course has been suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions.  An online version has now been established.  Please see ILSTWR-V for further details and dates.

This course explores the importance of whole life costing in a project environment. It also considers the need to tailor ILS to suit the nature of the project and manage support risks through life.

What you will learn

You will learn:
  • The importance of Whole Life Costing in project decision making
  • How the MOD risk management process should be applied to manage support risks
  • How supportability analysis and engineering techniques shape support solutions
  • Why tailoring ILS is vital to the efficient and effective delivery of supportable, supported products

How will this course help my career?

It will consolidate practitioner level knowledge in a fundamental area of acquisition and support. 

It is a mandatory course for TTLS staff in DE&S who wish to obtain the TTLS Practitioner  Certificate.

Before you attend

You must have completed the ILS Management and Supportability Engineering (ILSMSE) workshop and the e-learning course ILS Engineering Analysis Techniques (ILS1L).

Can I attend this course?

This course is suitable for the following type(s) of applicant.
  • Industry
  • Internationals
  • Military
  • MOD Civil Servants
  • Partners Across Government (PAG)

How will I learn?


How will you be assessed?

Self assessment.

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