Intermediate Officer Development 4 - IOD4

Joint Services Command and Staff College
Leadership, Command
4 weeks residential

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About this course

This course is the fourth in the series of courses which make up the Intermediate Officer Development Programme.  The aim is to produce officers/MOD civil servants who understand and are able to advocate the effective employment of air power in the Joint, Combined and multi-agency environments.

They will be able to demonstrate a well-developed appreciation of contemporary doctrine and its application in campaign planning and execution; have a well developed appreciation of command, leadership and management techniques relevant to Defence and demonstrate effective analysis at the post-graduate level; deliver that analysis with clarity in writing and orally and clearly understand and advocate the importance of Royal Air Force history and ethos where applicable.

The elements include:
  • Introduction
  • Air and space power
  • Human performance
  • Defence acquisition and business skills
  • Command, leadership and management (CLM) presentations (Note – CLM and RAF history and culture run as themes throughout the course)

Planned Dates
IOD4-19     07 Jun  -  02 Jul 21
IOD4-20 12 Jul  -  06 Aug 21
IOD4-21 11 Oct  -  05 Nov 21
IOD4-22 10 Jan  - 4 Feb 22
IOD4-23 25 Apr  - 20 May 22
IOD4-24 11 Jul  - 05 Aug 22

What you will learn

You will learn/develop:
  • the ability to advocate the effective employment of air, space and cyber power in the Joint, Combined and multi-agency environments
  • an appreciation of the contemporary doctrine and its application in campaign planning and execution
  • an appreciation of the command, leadership and management techniques relevant to the Defence
  • the ability to engage effectively with academic debate, orally and in writing, at the post-graduate level
  • to advocate the importance of RAF history and ethos

How will this course help my career?

You will develop your skills in order to progress within your chosen career.

Security and restrictions

All personnel wishing to attend this course must be able to gain access to the RAF Division's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) hosted on the Defence Gateway.

Before you attend

Students will need to complete up to 40 hours distance learning before starting the course. This is most effectively completed in a structured manner over the 2 month period immediately before joining.

Can I attend this course?

This course is suitable for the following type(s) of applicant.
  • Military
  • MOD Civil Servants

This course is designed for newly-promoted squadron leaders in the RAF. However, Director RAF Division would be delighted to welcome civil servants onto the course to learn alongside their military colleagues. It would be particularly suitable for C2's working in Air Command or air-related appointments elsewhere in MOD. 

We would also welcome overseas military personnel with a good command of English (NATO 3333) who are comfortable with learning in English at post-graduate level. Foreign military personnel are to be nominated through their respective Defence Attaché and security checked by ITD(A). The course is delivered at Official level only. 

How will I learn?


How will you be assessed?

There are 4 assessed elements of the course - a masters level essay (no prior degree is required), a group presentation, individual presentations and personal attributes. Everyone on the course are expected to complete all assignments and will receive a course report.

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