Line Management in Defence: Delivering through People - LMiD

Defence Leadership Centre
12 week programme (2.5 days in the classroom)
Multiple locations

About this programme

During the 12-week programme, you will explore how to deliver through your people and develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to effectively line manage, as outlined in the Line Manager's Deal.

You will complete the programme as part of a Top Level Budget (TLB) specific cohort, consisting of a maximum of 16 delegates. Cohorts will include both military and civilian line managers, from different ranks and grades, ensuring individuals with different backgrounds and experiences can connect with, and learn from, one another as the programme is ongoing.

The programme is owned by Civ HR and is jointly delivered by Civ HR, your TLB’s sponsor and the Defence Leadership Centre (DLC) - see course outline below:

Course outline:

 Module   Week/s   Content Time to complete  Delivered by…
1 1 Introductory session 0.5 days Your TLB sponsor
2 2-5 Online learning 12 hours Civil Service Learning (CSL), Civ HR
3 6 Face-to-face learning 1 day Defence Leadership Centre (DLC), Defence Academy
4 7-11 Online learning 12 hours CSL and Defence Learning Environment (DLE), Civ HR
5 12 Face-to-face learning 1 day Defence Leadership Centre (DLC), Defence Academy,
6 12 Development consolidation 2 hours You and your Line Manager (LM)

Please follow this MODNET link to the LM Portal  for a complete overview of the programme and to view the dates and locations of the module 1 introductory sessions.
To apply for the DLC element of this course, please select your relevant TLB from the list on the right under 'key information' and the Module 3 & 5 package dates most appropriate for you. Then enter the ‘register your interest’ page and select your preferred dates to enrol. You will not need to self-enrol on the associated Module 5 – DLC Admin staff will automatically enrol you on receipt of your Module 3 application, issuing Joining Instructions to reflect both.

You will need to commit to completing each element of the programme and in signing up to a LMiD cohort, you must ensure that you are available on the relevant dates for your TLB Introductory Session (Module 1) (MODNET) and both Face-to-Face learning sessions by DLC (Modules 3 & 5), including making the time available to complete the online learning.

What you will learn

Your will learn to:
  • Outline the importance and responsibility of an effective Line Manager in Defence and identify own capability in fulfilling the role; assessing the impact of own behaviours on those you manage
  • Establish wellbeing and engagement to build trusted relationships within the team by creating an inclusive culture that supports individuals 
  • Apply the principles of emotional intelligence to identify, manage and adjust own emotions to make better decisions 
  • Develop the team to reach their full potential by identifying appropriate development opportunities (including delegation) to address individual development needs
  • Support the performance and development of individuals by conducting high quality conversations and providing effective feedback (positive & developmental) 
  • Identify the impact of change on individuals and how to overcome through effective communication and managing reactions

How will this programme help my career?

This course will help you deliver your responsibilities outlined in the Line Manager's Deal. It will also provide you with an opportunity to build and maintain a network with other line managers. 

Can I attend this programme?

This programme is suitable for the following type(s) of applicant.
  • Military
  • MOD Civil Servants

Military or MOD Civil servants need to be a current line manager of civilian personnel, or be scheduled to take on line management responsibilities in the very near future. The learning is appropriate for both new line managers and experienced line managers looking to develop and/or refresh their skills.

How will I learn?

Blended Learning

How will you be assessed?

You will be assessed on each module (online learning attainment, pre-module submissions, observations), through full attendance and participation in the programme and by a post- programme development review.

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