Materiel and Financial Accounting Practitioner - MFA-P

Business Skills College
2 days non residential

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About this course

This course teaches you the responsibilities required of a supply chain manager (SCM) to ensure effective management and reporting of materiel and financial accounts.

This course is part of the Supply Chain Management Learning Pathway. It is a mandated requirement for supply chain managers to obtain their practitioner certificate.

What you will learn

You will learn about the major activities surrounding materiel and financial accounting. This includes:
  • why MFA is important
  • MFA, Why we need to do it
  • the role of the SCM in meeting MA requirements
  • how we assess the quality of Materiel Accounts
  • how we account for MOD assets held in Industry
  • audits

How will this course help my career?

It will consolidate practitioner level knowledge in a fundamental area of materiel and financial accounting. 

It is a mandatory course for SCM staff in Defence Equipment and Support who wish to obtain the SCM Practitioner Certificate.

Before you attend

You must have completed the Inventory Management Practitioner Basic (IMPB) workshop and the e-learning course Material and Financial Accounting online (MFAOLT).

Can I attend this course?

This course is suitable for the following type(s) of applicant.
  • Military
  • MOD Civil Servants

How will I learn?


How will you be assessed?

Delegates will be required to undertake an assessment at the end of the course.  A pass mark of 75% or more is required before being able to apply for their practitioner certificate.  

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