Principles of Project Management - PPM

Business Skills College
2 days
Multiple locations

About this course

This course introduces why activity might be run as a project, how projects are planned, monitored and controlled, how they are evaluated and how they are closed.  It is suitable for anyone involved in project management for the first time or as a refresher and it introduces the Association of Project Managers syllabus for anyone considering professional accreditation in project management.  The course is part of a suite of MOD courses leading to Association of Project Management professional qualifications.

What you will learn

You will learn:
  • the purpose of projects
  • how projects are planned
  • how projects are run

How will this course help my career?

Project management is an essential organisational process to help set clear goals and manage time, cost, and performance more efficiently.  Understanding and being able to apply project management principles enhances your performance in any project team or coordinating role whilst professional development in project management can fast track development of the competencies required to deliver successful outcomes. 

Can I attend this course?

This course is suitable for the following type(s) of applicant.
  • Industry
  • Internationals
  • Military
  • MOD Civil Servants
  • Partners Across Government (PAG)

How will I learn?


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