Focus on Leading in Defence - R091

Defence Leadership Centre
5 days (3 day classroom)
Multiple locations

About this course

During this 5 day course you will focus on self-awareness and the impact of your behaviours on staff and team relationships. It introduces leadership models and theories and techniques available to motivate and lead staff in the implementation of organisational strategy.  It explores leading in the defence operating environment and covers strategy, change, transition and resilience.

This course is delivered through a blended approach of online learning, classroom delivery with learning sets and a reflective consolidation in essay format (to be submitted within 4 weeks of the classroom event) to gain accreditation. A significant level of preparation is required to complete the course commencing 6 weeks before the classroom delivery: 
  • a requirement to obtain 360 feedback from staff, colleagues, peers and managers through an online process
  • a requirement to undergo a Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment which includes one to one feedback from a qualified MBTI practitioner
  • online activities to prepare for the classroom delivery
Delegates who have not completed the preparation work will be removed from the course. 

What you will learn

You will learn/develop:
  • an understanding of your own preferences and the impact of behaviours
  • the relationship between leadership & management behaviours
  • leadership theories in the context of defence
  • theories of motivation and understanding of motivational drivers
  • leading through change and transition
  • effective decision making
  • an understanding of resilience and the impact of pressure 
  • organisational awareness, strategy and the practical application of environment scanning
  • developing self through short term and long term action planning

How will this course help my career?

Enhance effectiveness and capacity to lead in the defence environment.

Can I attend this course?

This course is suitable for the following type(s) of applicant.
  • Military
  • MOD Civil Servants
The Focus On Leading (FOL) course is aimed at Civilian and Military leaders responsible for translating organisational strategy into operational effectiveness. The course may benefit those who have a significant responsibility for leading personnel, teams or departments through change and transformation. 

The course is suitable for:
  • Military and MOD Civilian leaders commanding Flights, Sections, Companies, Troops, Squadrons or Units.. 
  • MOD Civilians leading departments, teams, personnel, projects or multiple stakeholder environments”

How will I learn?

Classroom, Blended Learning

How will you be assessed?

Successful completion of all elements (online learning activities, full attendance/participation of all classroom delivery and submission of a post course reflection) is eligible for the:
  • Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Level 7 Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership (not paid for by Shrivenham Leadership Centre)

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