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A flexible programme giving you 2 years to complete 5 modules 
Shrivenham or Online

About this programme

Due to IT connectivity and security issues, the virtual modules within the Strategic Business Programme can only be accessed via a personal PC or laptop. Applemacs and IPads are less user friendly.  For these you will need to download the Adobe app and paste the room links you will be sent with your JIs into the App.  Headsets with a mic are recommended for optimal interaction.

A dynamic, interactive programme facilitated by the Institute of Directors (IOD) designed to bring out the best in senior leaders already in, or destined for board roles within MOD and across government.  
This virtually delivered programme is designed to develop understanding of how strategy, governance and financial control are implemented at a strategic level where leadership teams are drawn from a diverse range of backgrounds and skill sets but collectively have one common goal - the success of the organisation.   

It is delivered through 5 modules with 2 central case studies running throughout and supported by a reflective journal.  Each module is residential, run over 2/3 days and focuses on an essential theme to develop the business skills needed in today’s public sector.  

This is a closed programme only open to those who have either graduated from the Higher Command and Staff Course or have been specifically nominated by their respective manning authority.

For more information and dates

To find out more about the modules, planned dates and to register your interest, click the associated module link in the key information section on the right hand side of this page.

What you will learn

By the end of the programme, you will have been exposed to acknowledged best practice and its application in the areas of strategic leadership, governance and accountability in a board environment and explored an associated suite of business skills.  

Corporate Governance and Risk Management 
The Corporate Governance and Risk Management module sets out the principles and legal framework that establishes directors and the board being responsible for an organisation’s corporate governance.

Setting Board Level Strategy
The Setting Board Level Strategy module will equip you with the knowledge and useful techniques to create, implement and evaluate organisational strategy, drawing distinction between drivers and approaches in public and private sectors. 

Strategic Finance for Non-Finance Directors 
Our Strategic Finance for Non-Finance Directors module builds knowledge of the essential financial concepts and terms to be able to assess an organisation’s financial position and deploy effective strategies.  

Commercial Acumen and Benefits Realisation 

The Commercial Acumen and Benefits Realisation module builds commercial awareness through better understanding of strategic supplier relationships, portfolio management and negotiation.

Strategic Board Acumen 
The programme is brought together in the Strategic Board Acumen module which, following discussion on effective boardroom behaviours, will fully immerse delegates into a simulated board environment.   

The modules can be taken in any order, however they must be completed before attendance on the Strategic Board Acumen.

How will this programme help my career?

Over the duration of the programme, you will interact with a variety of senior leaders and IOD facilitators selected for their experience at board director level.  

You will have opportunity to reflect on guidelines, approaches to strategic governance and best practice and will receive an IOD accredited Certificate on submission of a reflective journal once you have finished the programme.  In addition, completion of the modules will give you access to further online training in the respective elements of the IOD Certificate in Company Direction. This will give you the opportunity to sit the associated examinations within 2 years of attending.   

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Can I attend this programme?

This programme is suitable for the following type(s) of applicant.
  • Industry
  • Internationals
  • Military
  • MOD Civil Servants
  • Partners Across Government (PAG)
You will be expected to have held or be holding a senior leadership role within your organisation, with exposure to or experience of board level decision making.   

MOD delegates will be pre-selected and nominated by their respective manning authorities.

This is a closed programme only open to those who have either graduated from the Higher Command and Staff Course or have been specifically nominated by their respective manning authority. All applications will be checked to ensure individuals meet these criteria.

Both military and civilian personnel who are 2* or above more automatically enrol themselves without referral through manning. However, it must be stressed; the programme is not part of re-settlement. If you wish to obtain an Institute of Directors qualification for use outside of the MOD then you must access the course through the resettlement programme.

How will I learn?

Modular, Online, Classroom, Classroom or Online

How will you be assessed?

At the end of the programme, you will be awarded a Strategic Business Programme Certificate, which is subject to submission of a reflective journal.   

Delegates wishing to go on to study for the full Certificate in Company Direction with the IOD will be examined under the IOD’s processes and is subject to a fee.   

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