Lifecycle Processes Introduction - SEDLPI

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About this course

Normally part of the SEDC MSc taught module ‘Pipeline’ to PGCert, PGDip and MSc – it can be taken independently following the Systems Approach to Engineering module and acts as a pre-requisite module for Lifecycle Processes Advanced.  It can be linked to Applied Systems Thinking and Capability Context each for 10 module credits to a limit of 3 modules before you have to register for a PGCert/PgDip/MSc award. 

What you will learn

You will learn to:
  • discuss the relationship between lifecycle models and processes, and key systems principles, in the context of a generic project life cycle 
  • apply the principles of requirements, architecture and analysis in a project context 
  • explain the issues of integration, verification, acceptance and validation to a project context 
  • evaluate through-life management of systems engineering processes, including people and organisational issues, in a complex environment such as Defence acquisition
  • explain the dependability topics and their interrelationships
  • create system models to explore a complex problem, describe and bound a selected system-of-interest. 
  • propose atomised stakeholder requirements which are consistent with the problem context and can form the basis of validation 
  • create logical and physical architecture views appropriate to different levels of solution detail 
  • propose atomised system requirements which are consistent with the system-of-interest context and can be verified 
  • judge the suitability of different approaches to the synthesis of solution option
  • compare the suitability of different integration and verification methods in relation to requirements and the lifecycle 
  • criticise the broad range of trade-offs necessary in the analysis of solution options (including issues of dependability and resilience). 
  • evaluate the importance of individual and team competencies in the conduct of systems engineering activities

How will this course help my career?

Potential introduction to the SEDC and EMAP Programme or act as a stand-alone to Systems Approach to Engineering.

Part of SEDC Community.

Before you attend

You must have completed the SAE module.

If you are seeking a Ministry of Defence (MOD) funded place, you will need to demonstrate in your application that there is a clear business need to undertake the course. 

Can I attend this course?

This course is suitable for the following type(s) of applicant.
  • Industry
  • Internationals
  • Military
  • MOD Civil Servants
  • Partners Across Government (PAG)
NATO and Fvey any other nations on application.

How will I learn?

Blended Learning

How will you be assessed?

Individual assignment 3000 words plus models; apply SE requirements and architecture to a simple example and discuss issues raised.