Cormorant Club Joint Education Forum

The King’s College Defence Studies Department at the Joint Services Command and Staff College (JSCSC) share their very latest Defence-in-Depth academic articles to Cormorant Club members showcasing the latest research, as well as offering unique comment and analysis on defence related topics. The Cormorant Club will post three articles per academic term in order to promote such discussion and debate. 

The Club is founded, in part, on furthering the military education of our members and we hope this initiative goes some way to stimulating thoughts and comments on relevant defence matters. 

This compendium of essays from students of the Advanced Command and Staff Course (ACSC) 20 has been compiled to provide a source of information and interest to the wider Naval Service. Whilst primarily focusing on maritime affairs, and primarily from Naval students, the selected essays have been chosen to reflect the diverse nature of this Joint staff course (which includes a significant number of international students) and the subjects areas it addresses. The papers demonstrate the broad range of viewpoints and approaches that military practitioners can take to academic writing.  This collection of papers is not intended as either an essential precursor to staff training or as an exemplar of academic writing. Instead, it seeks to give an opportunity for those interested in both their personal development and in the delivery of defence outputs as a document that can be either consulted or merely glanced at. As an informative and interesting ‘taster’ of some of the areas that the defence community is thinking about, this publication aims, above all, to prompt critical thought and discussion. The editors are grateful to those who have agreed to share their work with the wider Naval Service, and to the Naval Review and the Cormorant Club for their support in making this compendium more widely available. Remember this is not required reading, simply an opportunity to think about our profession. 


ACSC20 Cormorant Supplement


 Matt Marriott                                                                                                                           Matt Boulind