Publications and papers

From 2019

The Defence Academy and CDERA produce a range of publications, papers and reports in support of our overall mission to ‘develop the intellectual edge for success on operations, and leadership in government, with our allies and coalitions in an era of persistent engagement’. They will be accessible here as CDERA matures.

Students’ Research Papers

Students on most  long, residential Defence Academy courses write academic papers either as part of their development and/or assessment or as an element of a post-graduate qualification. A selection of papers from the Advanced Command and Staff Course (ACSC) are accessible here along with a selection of papers from the Royal College of Strategic Studies (RCDS).


The Defence Academy has a considerable number of archive documents ranging from papers produced by staff, through ad-hoc studies, to formal research studies carried out by previous research bodies. They are still being accessed by people online so they are available in the archive but they they are not being updated or curated.