Defence Education Pathway Implementation

What is the Defence Education Pathway programme?

The Defence Education Pathway (DEP) programme will produce a flexible, co-ordinated and modern career development pathway for military officers (regular and reserve) and MOD Civil Servants in order to maximise the future output and effectiveness of defence.  A coherent Defence Education Pathway will provide the single Services and Civil Service with high quality, through career and flexible joint education.  It will leverage modern methods of learning, be accessible to a wider cohort and will optimise time on residential courses to deliver both the professional skills and leadership development required by defence.

The DEP programme currently consists of two projects:

The Strategic Leader Pathway (SLP) which will prepare the future 3* and 4* military and civilian leaders of defence; and

The Advanced Career Development Pathway (ACDP) review of the Professional Military Education (PME) required by OF3/C2 – OF5/B2/B1 military and civilian defence people. 

Why is there a Defence Education Pathway programme?

The Chief of Defence People (CDP) commissioned the Defence Leaders Training and Education Review (DeLTER) in 2014 and the Defence Education Pathway Review (DEPR) in 2015 to determine the requirements for and the best delivery means of an evolutionary education pathway for future strategic leaders of defence.  A number of high profile studies, reviews and enquiries had pointed to deficiencies in how defence people are prepared for their roles now and in the future. Additional drivers for changing defence education include: perceived gaps in current Joint education; the changing character of warfare; defence spending reviews and increased budget scrutiny; increased requirements for interoperability; changes in the defence workforce demography and defence workforce policies; and advances in technology-enhanced learning and learning methods.

Who will be affected by the Defence Education Pathway work and when?

The SLP provides the preparation for 2* rank and beyond (regular and reserve military officers and MOD Civil Servants). Talent and career management, as well as selection and course loading for Royal College of Defence Studies (RCDS), Higher Command and Staff Course (HCSC) and the Strategic Business Programme (SBP) remain a responsibility of the single Service Secretaries and Civil Service talent management.  More details of the SLP can be found in 2018DIN07-100 – Defence Strategic Leader Programme.  All elements of the SLP are in place from Jan 19.

The ACDP will affect defence people (regular military, reserve military and Civil Service) of ranks and grades OF3 / C2 to OF5 / B1, their line managers and career managers.  The ACDP covers the career stage between completion of the single Services’ Intermediate-level PME, and the start of the Strategic Leader Pathway (SLP) or career end, whichever is the sooner.  Elements of the ACDP will be available to all personnel depending on their requirements; it is not just for those people who would previously have been selected to attend the Advanced Command and Staff Course (ACSC).  More details can be found at the link.  The Defence Academy will begin implementation of the ACDP from Sep 20, with more details available shortly.

Where can I find out more information?

At the link are answers to Frequently Asked Questions.  If you need more information, please contact us.