Business Skills College

Building business acumen for you and your organisation.  Supporting your enterprise, its projects and its procurement.

The need for professional business skills and broader awareness is growing.

Our business skills pathway unlocks the potential of senior leaders and their teams and supports their route to executive roles.  Drawing on our experience within Defence, our prospectus is particularly suited to organisations involved with complex procurement, programme and asset management.

Our strategic programme  develops effective board level dynamics, the ability to manage strategic risk, analyse financial statements and implement appropriate regulatory frameworks.  A business skills theme is at the heart of our thinking.  It sets a common level of competences and is designed to unlock your potential, whatever your professional specialisation or stage of career. 

Developing your financial acumen through our courses enhances crucial understanding of accounts, governance and how money flows, because every business decision involves finance.  The commercial suite of courses develop your legal and negotiating skills to set up and manage commercially binding contracts and supplier relationships, whether in a contracting or business interface role.

Defence capability and acquisition is founded on portfolio, programme and project management skills and recognising the significance of effective integrated logistics management as through life cost drivers.  Our courses aim to embed critical thinking, context and confidence with project management and complex procurement processes to achieve assured delivery.

We provide awareness, practitioner and expert level courses to support your learning pathway and these are complemented by MBA and MSc programmes.  

The Business Skills College contributes to wider government learning and development initiatives and uses competence frameworks that ensure our offering has relevance across public and private sectors.