English Language Wing (ELW)

The Defence Centre for Languages and Culture is responsible for providing foreign language training to UK Armed Forces personnel and English language training for foreign defence forces and defence civil servants, in order to enhance military capability for operations and contribute to the International Defence Engagement Strategy. 

Why English Language Wing?

The purpose of british MOD english language training (ELT) is to:

  • provide english language training to UK sponsored foreign defence forces personnel
  • improve students’ english language competence to meet future british military course entry standards
  • to improve the student’s understanding of not only britain’s armed forces, including its military culture, values and ethos, but also wider british cultural norms and behaviour
  • to foster goodwill between the UK and the students’ country of origin as part of the government’s International Defence Engagement Strategy

Training Delivery 

ELW courses aim to improve a student’s communication skills, both in and out of the military environment. Every course is conducted entirely in english. This is achieved through:

  • language analysis
  • individual and group presentations
  • current affairs seminars
  • computer assisted language training
  • project work
  • visits to places of british cultural and political significance including museums, historical towns and buildings, educational institutions, theatres and festivals

Military training can either be designed for a specific service or can incorporate a joint approach.

English Language Wing Courses

The ELW offers a number of ELT courses including:

  • Pre- Royal College of Defence Studies (Pre-RCDS)
  • Pre- Advanced Command and Staff Course (Pre-ACSC)
  • British Military English Course (BMEC) Standardised Language Profile (SLP) 2 and 3
  • SLP 1-4 Exam Courses
  • British Military Train the Trainer (BM-TTT)
  • Pre-Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (Pre-RMAS) Phase A & B