Foreign Languages Wing

The Defence Centre for Languages and Culture's (DCLC) Foreign Languages Wing (FLW) primarily delivers residential language courses for military linguists and defence attachés. Students of all ranks come from each of the three services to learn foreign languages at DCLC. Army and RAF phase 2 linguists are taught at the Intelligence Language Wing (ILW) based at Chicksands. Courses are now offered to partners across government.

Training delivery 

The courses are intensively taught by native speakers of the target language using structured developmental programmes of learning. The syllabus includes general language content combined with specific military vocabulary and cultural lessons. 

Language proficiency levels

The NATO Standardisation Agreement 6001 provides NATO Forces with shared language proficiency levels. This is an individual’s unrehearsed, communicative ability, across the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Together, these give an individual a Standardised Language Profile (SLP) e.g. 2210, which correlates to their future post or tasking. The proficiency levels are:

  • Level 0 - No proficiency 
  • Level 1 - Survival 
  • Level 2 - Functional
  • Level 3 - Professional 
  • Level 4 - Expert
  • Level 5 - Highly-articulate native

Immersion training

Our SLP3 courses include a period of language immersion abroad. This training allows students to develop their language skills in an authentic, mono-lingual environment which also enhances their cultural understanding related to their target language.