Stress and resilience

Stress and resilience management training and education is delivered by the Intrinsic Leadership and Behaviours (ILaB) Team, which is part of the Defence Leadership Centre (DLC) at the Defence Academy. The modular programme develops and maintains the psychological well-being of all MOD staff, government civil servants and those personnel employed within the wider defence and security sector through:

  • the enhancement of individual and collective performance
  • the development, establishment and maintenance of psychological well-being
  • increased psychological resilience
  • improved ability to manage personal stress

‘START’ Taking Control (STC) programme

Experts at the University of East London and the NHS and have successfully developed the STC programme. The team are also supported through a professional partnership with defence clinical psychologists. 

STC is a structured programme of stress management and resilience building training and education, designed to help you deal with occupational and personal stress. The programme is delivered via two modules, providing the knowledge and skills that empowers you to cope better with day-to-day stressors, both at work and home. Utilising evidence-based, practical resilience building tools and techniques, the programme allows you to take control of your stress in order to better prepare you to cope with, and recover from, those stressors that simply cannot be avoided.

The team can provide advice and guidance on tailoring either of their existing modules to meet the requirements of the customer, offering the opportunity to deliver bespoke training and education that satisfies your needs. If you are interested, complete the enquiry form via the Contact Us link and we will be in touch.