Advanced Command and Staff Course 

The Advanced Command and Staff Course is a year-long post-graduate residential course for selected military commanders and civil servants in the defence and security sector.  It prepares our students for senior positions by broadening their professional knowledge of a wide spectrum of military, political and international issues. 

We are now offering elements of this year long programme to:

  • Other government departments, agencies and public bodies
  • Non-governmental organisations
  • Industry
  • International military and foreign civil servants.

The Defence and Security Short Courses will give you an understanding of current and future defence and security issues and:

  • the way in which the UK government makes strategy and policy and the implications for defence 
  • the way in which the UK military plans and prepares for operations
  • the implications for procurement and acquisition choices. 

The courses include:

  • Leadership and Management
  • The Higher Management of Defence
  • Introduction to International Security
  • Global and Regional Security
  • Contemporary Security and the Role of Major States
  • Perspectives on European Security Tour
  • Making Strategy and Policy
  • International Law and Ethics
  • How Foreign, Security and Defence Policy is Made
  • Maritime Power, Equipment and Capability
  • Land Power, Equipment and Capability
  • Air Power, Equipment and Capability
  • The Practicalities of Crisis Management
  • Building Stability
  • Planning Operations: A Practical Exercise (1 and 2)
  • EU Operational Planning
  • Defence Engagement
  • Realities of Conflict

One of the unique benefits of taking one of our short courses is that it will give you the opportunity to study alongside and engage with over 280 military colleagues including up to 90 officers from over 50 countries from around the globe.