Royal Naval Division

Unique in possessing a Joint Staff for the intermediate level of training and education, the Royal Naval Division (RND) delivers:

These courses are targeted at mid-seniority lieutenants to junior lieutenant commanders and their equivalents across the Royal Marines, the Royal Fleet Auxiliary, the Civil Service (band D and above) and selected Warrant Officers (class one). ICSC(M) would welcome applications from international students, whilst suitable candidates from key UK industrial partners may be considered.

The RND also hosts the Advanced Amphibious Warfare Course (AAWC); however, the delivery of the AAWC is the remit of Commando Training Centre Royal Marines.

Whilst the courses offered are rightly delivered from a single-Service perspective, they remain joint facing and informed.  The bespoke environment offered by the JSCSC enables students to develop relationships across not just the UK military and Civil Service but also across the multi-national domain.