The Multi-Level Assessment

What is the MLA?

The Multi-Level Assessment abbreviated to MLA. You will be awarded a level, known as an SLP, in the language from 1 – 4, under the NATO Standardised Agreement (STANAG) 6001. 

Standardised Language Profile

Your level will be presented as a Standardised Language Profile (SLP) and will consist of 4 numbers, representing your level in the four skills of language learning; listening, speaking, reading and writing. Your SLP will always be presented in this order.

What do the levels mean?

Survival - you can find your way around with a few pre-learnt, set phrases
Functional - you are able to use the language in day to day scenarios in a practical way
Professional - you can use the language in a professional context, dealing with complicated and abstract ideas and concepts
Expert - you are able to operate in the any context with native speakers working at native pace

Who can apply for the MLA?

Any British service person, whether regular or reserve, and MOD Civil Servants that would reasonably expect to score SLP 2210 or higher can apply to sit the MLA. Once you have sent your application form to the Defence Requirements Authority for Culture and Languages (DRACL), they will conduct a board and only proceed with applications from personnel that they assess to have a chance at level 2+.

Why sit the MLA?

The MLA is the main way to get your foreign language competency registered on JPA. Once your language competency is registered on JPA, you will become searchable for events and deployments that require a person of your language level. There is a financial reward for persons who score SLP 2210 or above in their language.

Where is it assessed?

The MLA is conducted at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom and the assessment will consist of 4 tests over a 2-day period.

When are the assessment periods?

MLAs are held every:

  • March
  • July
  • October 
  • December

The deadline to submit the application form is normally 17 weeks prior to the assessment week.

How to apply for the MLA

You can apply through the following platforms:

  • DLE where you will need to complete the application form and click submit
  • MODNET, search for DRACL (Defence Requirements Authority for Culture and Languages) under useful links on DRACL’s SharePoint, you will find the application form, complete the application form, which requires authorisation from your chain of command, on clicking submit, the form will automatically attach to an email to the relevant person