Further Information

Defence Requirement Authority for Culture and Languages (DRACL) SharePoint

DRACL’s SharePoint contains very useful resources, for example past papers to help your MLA preparation.

DRACL on Defence Connect

DRACL’s Defence Connect (Defence Gateway) is a useful resource to stay up to date to changes in language policies.


Please find the DIN (Defence Gateway) pertaining to the MLA.

MLA financial incentives

On completion of the MLA, once your score is confirmed, your JPA competency will be updated automatically. The financial incentive commensurate with the level you achieve will also be paid automatically.


The DOLAS qualification award is awarded on completion of the MLA in an operational language, regardless of whether you will use the language immediately post-qualification. At time of writing, per the DIN, DOLAS languages are Arabic, Dari, Farsi, Pashto, Russian and Somali. For every other language, DBLAS is awarded, incrementing per SLP point, obtained. For example an SLP 4444 (16 points) will earn a higher pay-out than an SLP 4243 (13 points).

For more information about the DBLAS and the DOLAS, please find the relevant DIN here (Defence Gateway).

If you have any further questions please contact us at the 'enquire here' button above. 
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