Defence Centre for Training Support

The Defence Centre for Training Support (DCTS) was established in 2004 and exists to prepare and develop personnel employed to deliver, design, manage and assure defence training.

DCTS provides courses and consultancy expertise, across the breadth of defence customers, in both Defence Trainer Capability (DTC) and Defence Systems Approach to Training (DSAT). Courses are delivered by DCTS at the Defence Academy site at Shrivenham and RAF Halton in Buckinghamshire, with a contribution of approx. 2500 trained personnel per year to defence. In addition, DTCS training is delivered via franchises across numerous UK locations at single-Service establishments.

The organisation is a Defence Awarding Organisation (DAO) approved accreditation centre, offering civilian accredited DTC courses and providing support to defence learners whilst completing these qualifications. Furthermore, the administration of national examinations for service personnel is also provided by DCTS staff.

DCTS’ outputs include capacity to support the UK Defence Engagement mission, working through the Defence Academy’s International Defence Engagement Team.