About the Defence Cyber School

Please note that course dates and self-enrolment to the DLE modules will be available on or soon after 19th August 19.

The Defence Cyber School is the primary provider of cyber training and education to both joint and single service organisations.

Since it’s opening in March 2018, the Defence Cyber School has delivered over 4,000 days of training to personnel across its range of courses. Training has been wide ranging from practical networking taught to Junior and Senior Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs), cyber awareness to Senior NCOs and officers and strategic level cyber awareness to 1-star masterclasses and Higher Command and Staff Course (HCSC) students.  As well as the military personnel, there have been numerous representatives from MOD civil service and our partners across government on each of the courses.

The Cyber Foundation Pathway

In August 2019 DCS launched it's new generation of cyber foundation courses, the Cyber foundation Pathway (CFP). The CFP is comprised of 8 modules which are designed to take the student on a journey through personal cyber awareness, operational cyber awareness and down in to the technical details of networking, attacks and defences. 

The CFP's modular design is deliberately flexible. Students can complete the whole pathway over a compressed 3 month period, or choose to attend modules at their own pace, amongst their other commitments.  

In addition to the CFP, DCS delivers a wide range of cyber awareness presentations to many courses across the Defence Academy, and is already drafting plans for the specialist training  for those organisations needing more than the foundation.

Cyber Foundation Pathway

DCS vision

The Defence Cyber School will provide a centre of excellence for cyber training to meet the needs of defence and its partners, addressing all aspects of cyber training and education, and will also provide a facility to exercise operations in the cyber domain. 

DCS mission 

The Defence Cyber School will deliver training and education to defence and government partners in line with the National Cyber Security Strategy, to contribute to the development of the UK’s national cyber capability. 

It will also provide facilities for those communities to exercise, test and support the cyber resilience of UK systems, and opportunities for increased collaboration between government, industry and academia in order to identify cyber skills requirements and provide the right training and education to meet those requirements.