Cyber Foundation Pathway Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t access Modules 1-6 on the DLE? Why not?

The foundation pathway is still being piloted so we've only published Cyber 101 and Tech baseline for "self enrolment".  Once we have run a few courses and have demonstrated that the assessments are sufficient  we will open them up to all. We hope to have them available by November 2019.

I've done previous courses at DCS. What do I do?

The CFP does not map neatly from our previous courses so there is no automatic advancement to a particular place on the pathway.

With the exception of M0, you can choose to complete a module assessment in your own time on the DLE. This will prove you have the skills and currency to advance to the next pathway module without having to attend the module in person.

My units does not have ARES.  How will this impact me?

We will issue you with a temporary ARES account while you are on course here at DCS, so it will not impact your training. 

Sadly you will not be able to keep this account once you leave DCS. 

I already have an ARES account - will my progress at DCS be linked to it? 

If you already have an ARES account then you can use it while here on course. We will only issue a temporary account if you don’t already have your own.

Do you offer CISSP and SANS courses?

No, but we are investigating if we can. We did run some pilot courses in early 2019 and we're working on a business case to deliver them regularly.