Project ARES

Project ARES is an immersive cyber security training and assessment platform that provides cyber security teams with the opportunity to practice skills and hone tactics. The platform engages teams in realistic, mission-specific virtual environments using real-world tools, network activity and a large library of authentic threat scenarios. Unlike the traditional lecture-based training models, Project ARES takes cyber security training out of the classroom and into an interactive near real-world environment.

An MOD owned instance of Project ARES is hosted here at DCS, and it is incorporated in to the Cyber Foundation Pathway to reinforce learning and will form part of our future ‘post-CFP’ specialist courses which are in development. 

Key units and roles across defence have also been given access so they can use Project ARES to train when not here at Shrivenham.

An image of a globe with cyber technology wording surrounding it

A graphic of a system named Operation Goathero showing different figures and stats