How to apply for equality, diversity and inclusion courses

Application process for Ministry of Defence (MOD) personnel  

MOD delegates wishing to attend the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Advisor (EDIA) and the Assistant Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Advisor (AEDIA) courses will now be prioritised and administered by the relevant Top Level Budget (TLB) policy desk, and no longer by the Defence Academy.  

All MOD applications requesting a place on the EDIA or AEDIA courses should apply via their relevant TLB policy desk directly. Details of which can be found in 2019DIN07-028 or visiting the Defence Academy’s MODNET/DII page. For ease, please copy this MODNET link onto your terminal to access the TLB policy desk contacts.  

Application process for non-MOD personnel, including partners across government, industry and internationals 

At present, we do not have availability on these courses for non-MOD applicants, however if you would like to enquire about when they will become available, please contact us using the relevant links below: