Making an application


For all enquiries including questions about course bookings and availability, please use the enquiry form or the phone number on the contact us page.  

Application forms

A link to the application form can be found on all course pages.

E-booking using HRMS (MOD Personnel only)

Please check the course details to see if HRMS booking applies.

To book: log on to HRMS > Employee Self Service > Training and Development > Training and Development Plan > Add New Need.

Before applying for a course, your training need must be entered on your personal training and development plan. Once this has been done you can then search the training catalogue and enrol on the relevant course. You can browse the training catalogue at any time to see the courses available.

For MOD personnel, whether you make a booking using HRMS, telephone or application form, please ensure all your contact details are correct on HRMS/JPA.