About this course

This course does not ‘teach’ command, leadership, and ethics, but provides an opportunity for you to analyse and reflect with reference to your own experience and observations. Providing you with insights with which to develop your individual leadership style and capabilities.

These are skills required for leading a productive team, managing a successful department, leading an organisational change initiative or commanding a military operation. This course will be delivered through a combination of pre-reading, lectures with key-note speakers especially selected for their knowledge of command, leadership and  ethics, and syndicate room discussions with military and Civil Service colleagues to bring together your learning and shared experiences and time for personal reflection.

Command, Leadership and Ethics (CLE) takes place towards the end of September.  Applications are required by mid-July. Self-study time within the programme will allow you to stay in touch with the office if required.

What you will learn

The course is structured to examine the wider command, leadership and ethics practice and theory needed as personnel progress in their careers from a transactional leadership role to a more transformational one, such as:

  • day 1 – ‘know the subject’: explore the key leadership and management principles and theories, how these may adapt to societal changes and how military leadership and followership may differ from that experienced in the civilian workplace
  • day 2 – ‘know yourself’: enhancing your self-awareness and emotional intelligence such that you are better able to lead, follow and interact with colleagues
  • day 3 – ‘know your team’: examine issues such as diversity, team composition and decision making, and ethical leadership in order that you can enhance your ability to lead and build more effective teams
  • day 4 – ‘know your organisation’: improve your understanding of the importance of organisational culture and how it can influence your ability to deliver change and build trust within organisations
  • day 5 – ‘building capability’: explore issues such as resilience and motivation and how these might be developed within individuals and teams to improve effectiveness
How this course will help your career

Studying on this course will help prepare you to carry responsibility effectively in your subsequent employment by improving your understanding of command, leadership and ethics.

The course provides the space to reflect and develop your leadership and management style. You will study alongside those studying full-time on the Advanced Command and Staff Course, enabling networks to be created and critical friendships to start with members of the UK armed forces, Civil Service and international military personnel.

Level CMI Level 7 Award in Strategic Management and Leadership (7A1V2) with 7 credits.

Planned dates

Please contact us for further planned dates on this course.

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Who can attend this course
MOD civil servants

This course is at postgraduate level. It is intended for senior military leaders, civil servants G7/B2 and SEO/C1 and industry director level equivalents.

Students from overseas will require a good standard of fluency in written and spoken English (NATO SLP 3333) and be comfortable with learning in English at post-graduate level.

Before you attend

Students will be enrolled onto the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) which will support engagement in the learning process. Pre-reading material will be identified. It is essential students complete this activity prior to attending the course in order to achieve good learning outcomes from their attendance.

Planned dates

Please contact us for further planned dates on this course.

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How the course will be taught
Face-to-face/ Residential
How you will be assessed

There is no formal assessment of this course, however participants are encouraged to reflect on the material presented, and consider how best they can implement it in subsequent employment.

Planned dates

Please contact us for further planned dates on this course.

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