About this course

This short course is a module from the Guided Weapons System (GWS) MSc course. It is delivered by Cranfield University on behalf of the Defence College for Military Capability Integration, Defence Academy.

This course will cover aspects of guided weapon (GW) design especially involving the key disciplines of structures, vibrations and aeroelasticity and power supplies. You will learn about GW Structures, GW Missile Power Supplies and GW EPS Design. This includes a MATLAB based tutorial exploring the critical EPS design factors for an air-launched GW system to consider the EPS performance enhancement and key realisation constraints within the context of GW systems. You will also look at vibrations and aeroelasticity acting on GWs.

What you will learn

You will learn to:

  • undertake a mechanical design of a guided weapon (GW) system, involving consideration of structural design principles, stress analysis requirements and vibration/aeroelasticity effects
  • synthesise suitable intelligent based with performance enhancement EPS for a state of the art GW
  • understand the structural design principles for GW systems
  • comprehend the influences of vibration and aeroelasticity on a GW design
  • understand the operational principles of Electrical Power Supplies (EPS) and thereby critically improve GW performance
  • realise the constraints and design implications of EPS design to GW systems
  • perform preliminary-level structural design and stress analysis
  • analyse a GW aeroelastic mechanical design
  • critically evaluate the key GW design trade-offs which relate to structures, vibrations, aeroelasticity and power supplies
How this course will help your career

This course provides students with a detailed knowledge and understanding of guided weapon (GW) systems such that they are fully equipped for roles in defence intelligence and acquisition, involving the specification and analysis of such systems, working individually or as part of a team. It also enables students to carry out an in-depth investigation into an area of GW technology to further enhance their analytical capability. In particular this specific module focuses towards a better understanding of GW missile structures, aeroelasticity and vibration and GW missile power supply systems.

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Who can attend this course
Planned dates

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How the course will be taught
Face-to-face/ Residential
How you will be assessed

Individual coursework and exam. 10 credits from this course may be credited towards the Guided Weapons MSc.

This course may also be offered as a MSc level credit-rated short course to suitably qualified applicants. Following successful completion of the credit-rated short course, 10 credits can then be put towards the MSc in Military Electronic Systems Engineering (MESE) or the MSc in Guided Weapons Systems (GWS).

Planned dates

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