About this course

This short course is a module from the Information Capability Management (ICM) PgCert, PgDip, MSc course. It is delivered by Cranfield University on behalf of the Defence College for Military Capability Integration, Defence Academy.

The module is delivered via blended learning and you will undertake a real-world soft systems methodology case study during the taught component of the course. This enables development of a practical understanding of the strengths and limitations of the process.

The modules currently offered in connection with this MSc reflect the needs of our business however they may change or be withdrawn due to research developments, legislation changes or for a variety of other reasons, depending on the year of entry.

Changes may also be designed to improve the student learning experience or to respond to feedback from students, external examiners, accreditation bodies and industrial advisory panels.

What you will learn

You will learn to:

  • describe and critique the key principles of systems and systems thinking
  • evaluate theories proposing organisations as systems
  • review and plan improvements to organisational procedures governing change management
  • appraise the principles of systems thinking in relation to the exploration and management of problems in organisations
  • appraise people-centric issues that can positively contribute to, or hamper, the design and implementation of information systems
  • evaluate and analyse business processes, identify alternative solutions, assess feasibility and recommend new approaches
How this course will help your career

The knowledge and skills gained during this module will enable you to appraise both humans and the systems they interact with, enabling effective change processes.

Successful completion of this module assessment will count as 10 credits towards an Information Capability Management named award (PgCert, PgDip or MSc). This module is accredited by Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP).

Planned dates

Please contact us for further planned dates on this course.

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Who can attend this course
Before you attend

As preparation for the taught phase of the course, you are required to undertake some reading, in order to gain an understanding of the background and theory on systems thinking and organisational behaviour in general.

You will then take a more specific look at soft systems methodology and the relationship between information systems and organisational change. The purpose of this is to give you a feel for this subject area and exposure to some of the ideas.

This information is recapped and built upon in the lectures, discussion and through group work during the taught week.

You are also required to carry out a literature search and prepare an annotated bibliography which highlights, in one to two sentences, the key points of each selected paper. This document will be no longer than two pages long and is preparation for the post-module assignment.

If you are seeking a MOD funded place, you will need to demonstrate in your application that there is a clear business need to undertake the course.

Planned dates

Please contact us for further planned dates on this course.

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How the course will be taught
How you will be assessed

You will be assessed through an individual assignment based on the soft systems methodology case study undertaken during the taught week. The assignment will include:

  • a report of the case study
  • an analysis of the methodology
  • references
  • an annotated bibliography
Planned dates

Please contact us for further planned dates on this course.

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