Cyber Awareness Month

October 2021

Are you cyber confident? Could you recognise a cyber threat?

In the Information Age, the battlefield has changed: we have to retain strategic advantage by furthering integration through science and technology, and mastering the cyber domain. Safe cyber behaviours are crucial for protecting people and organisations both within and beyond defence.


This October is Cyber Awareness Month - a packed programme of events and resources from the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and Strategic Command, to increase our understanding of cyber threats and how to deal with them.


This year's theme is Them, You, Us:

Them: focus on the cyber threat – who / what is the threat?

You: what behaviours can you exhibit to reduce cyber-risk?

Us: focus on the MOD and why we need to protect it


Follow us online and on socials throughout the month, to discover how our expert training and education equips our people with the knowledge and skills to integrate domains, maintain information advantage, and challenge our adversaries in the grey zone.

Cyber Awareness Month