Leading With Integrity - what is the right thing to do?

09 February 2016 / Categories: DA News and Events

Event date: 08/03/2016 10:00 - 16:00 Export event

Our next exciting Defence Academy Leadership Masterclass “Leading With Integrity – what is the right thing to do?” featuring Chris Roebuck, Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership at Cass Business School, London will take place on Tuesday 8 March 2016. 



Leadership Integrity as a principle for action is rather like quicksand. It looks straightforward from a cursory perspective but it has the ability to drag down the unsuspecting who don’t treat it with respect.

The cursory thinker assumes leadership integrity is just black and white – you either act with integrity or you don’t. Even at this level the issue of whose “black and white” you are judging by already opens up a wide range of judgements. Once outside the framework of Western thinking how then do we measure integrity when overlaid on the tapestry of culture, religion and history?

Are there principles of integrity common across all environments? Is the use of violence to achieve what you want, rather than agreement, one of these? Are there other perspectives on leadership integrity that vary? How can we divide the common from the variable?

This isn't always strategic theorising, much is personal. Is it always contrary to integrity to lie? Or how about not telling all the truth? And what would you want your family to do?

So far we have considered principles, but what happens when clear principle encounters messy events in the real world? Is leadership integrity about outcome or intention?

Welcome to the maze that its “leadership integrity” which we hope to understand better through discussion, debate and challenge – but be warned, there may be no right answer!


Anyone with a leadership role within Defence, Civil Servants from other Government departments and Industry Partners can apply to attend our Masterclasses

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