Be the difference: Take the Information Advantage Awareness Module

28 January 2021 / Categories: DA News and Events

As huge swathes of the global population choose to consume and share information on digital platforms, our adversaries and competitors - from the non-state actor to state aggressors - have new options to exploit.

Continuous connectivity in the modern world has changed how we operate, opening the door for new methodologies for ourselves and our adversaries. Information advantage is a condition, rather than a capability, that seeks relative advantage over adversaries in the information environment. In response, defence is adapting how it responds as warfare changes. As a key tenet of multidomain integration and the Integrated Operating Concept, information advantage can be achieved by adjusting our mindsets and behaviours – and we need everyone in defence to play their part.

Today (28/1), the Information Advantage Awareness Module (IAAM) is launched for all defence personnel as a joint collaboration between the Directorate of Joint Warfare and the Information Warfare Group at the Defence AMobile phonecademy of the United Kingdom.  

This 2-hour online module will give you the awareness you need. It is not just for specialists, commanders and staff as well as personnel working in the information environment should enrol as part of their continuous professional development.

Employing the latest online learning technology, the IAAM incorporates videos, case studies, and vignettes to cover: 

  • what is information advantage
  • why defence must change to achieve information advantage
  • defence’s approach to information advantage
  • what role do you contribute to information advantage

Open for all with access to Defence Gateway, complete the Information Advantage Awareness Module on the Defence Learning Environment.

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