Building Integrity UK returns to Skopje

18 June 2019 / Categories: DA News and Events

Building Integrity UK returned to Skopje for the first time since the country was renamed from the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) to the Republic of North Macedonia last week. 

The renaming to the Republic of North Macedonia was resolution to a long running dispute with Greece over the country’s name. This dispute had effectively blocked North Macedonia joining NATO or the EU. 
Building Integrity is being fully embraced by the Macedonian MOD and also seen as a key part of North Macedonia’s NATO Partnership Goal on the road to eventual NATO membership. 

Ms Radmila Shekerinska Jankovska the Minister of Defence has said: 

“Building integrity is a policy that has no alternative, a policy that will make us more powerful as a state. Integrity creates confidence and strong systems, which in times of crisis, yield results. We need to create a system of principles that will not depend on who is the Minister, and will be immune to any attempt at abuse of authority.”

Building Integrity for Senior Leaders (BISL) course aimed at the leadership in the MOD, the Ministry of Finance and the Organised Crime department of the Ministry of Interior was delivered. Held in the Public Affairs Regional Centre (PARC) in Skopje 18 delegates were drawn from every department of the MOD including Internal Audit, Human Resources, Procurement, Logistics, Legal and J1-9 staff functions in the general staff. 

The course was opened by the Head of Human Resources Minister of Defence and Dominic Otway, the Deputy Head of Mission of the United Kingdom in the Republic of North Macedonia.  It was stressed during the address that the building integrity process requires a work culture where it will be clear to everyone that any decision taken on a daily basis should be for the benefit of all citizens, and not for a small number of the leadership. 

The Deputy Head of Mission added that integrity requires honesty and confronting corruption, while speaking the truth to the superiors is one of the elements of building a culture of integrity. Mr Otway expressed appreciation for the opportunity to hold this important course for the leadership in the Ministry and noted that the United Kingdom will continue to support North Macedonia in the implementation of these key defence reforms.

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