Chief Executive and Commandant DefAc Commended for Kind Leadership

Chief Executive and Commandant DefAc Commended for Kind Leadership

An international initiative promoting the importance of kindness in leadership has recognised the Chief Executive and Commandant of the Defence Academy on World Kindness Day, 13 November.

Major General Andrew Roe is one of 50 leaders from the UK and Asia Pacific named as a 'Leading Light' in the Kindness & Leadership campaign. The initiative recognises managers, directors and CEOs from a broad range of organisations, for demonstrating the value that kindness can add in driving positive change across business, the economy and broader society.

This year's list was selected by a distinguished panel comprising representatives from industry and defence, who looked for qualities of humanity, generosity and compassion, as well as dedication to supporting the well-being of others.

Major General Roe said: "I am proud and delighted to be recognised by this campaign. Just like the battlefield, the leadership landscape has changed: management styles are increasingly empathic and less autocratic than in years gone by. Effective leadership is not just about issuing commands; it's about collaborating, solving problems together and working towards a shared vision. At the Defence Academy we believe different perspectives create better critical thinkers, and the spirit of kindness within educational settings - and indeed all workplaces - is vital for fostering a more diverse and inclusive culture that is welcoming to all."

Launched in 2018, the Kindness & Leadership Initiative aims to shine a light on the powerful connection between kind leadership and good business. The list of this year's 'Leading Lights' was announced on World Kindness Day, 13 November 2021. For more information, visit the Kindness Rules website.