Defence Academy awarded full accreditation

28 June 2018 / Categories: DA News and Events

The signing of the Risk Management Accreditation Document Set concludes Full Accreditation of the network at the Defence Academy today marking a momentous occasion in the evolution of the Defence Academy IT system ‘AcademyNet’.

The accreditation will enable delivery of additional services to AcademyNet users such as access to MODNet services over the SMI connection to include JPA/HRMS, CP&F, secure email, and pursuit of further MODNet access.

Steve Petrie, JFD’s Senior Information Risk Owner said “Today we have marked a significant milestone, gaining full accreditation and one that we are all extremely proud of. This has involved a huge team effort across the Academy, placing us among the most highly graded units in Defence.”

In the life of the Defence Academy, full network accreditation has never been achieved so we are celebrating the culmination of collaborative work between the Defence Academy HQ, Serco, ISS DAIS and 90SU in delivering an exemplar IT network for business, education and training delivery at Shrivenham and beyond. 

Notable achievements include the delivery of a holistic Protective Monitoring solution across over 3,500 user and network devices, secure Remote Access from any device, and site-wide WiFi for business and personal devices.

Sharon Gaitskell, Chief Information Officer said “We can now press on with other opportunities to develop AcademyNet. We will continue to ensure AcademyNet remains an exemplar and secure network within MOD.”

Defence Academy of the UK now holds the accolade as being an “exemplar network” within MOD and across government.

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