Defence Academy deliver Active Bystander Intervention Workshop to HM Prison & Probation Service

08 May 2019 / Categories: DA News and Events

Following relationships and contacts made by the Defence Leadership Centre in January 2019, and arrangements made by Defence Academy Business Development, a small team of Defence Academy and King’s College London delivered Active Bystander Intervention Training to 60 members of the HM Prison & Probation Service (HMPPS) at the HMPPS Training Centre in Newbold Revel near Rugby on 1 May 19.

The Defence Academy’s Active Bystander Workshop has been designed to empower staff to challenge bullying, harassment, discrimination and poor behaviours. The education and training package focusses on relevant organisational issues and promotes evidence-based initiatives and peer-led actions to raise the participants’ awareness and confidence to create and maintain a more inclusive workplace

Drawn from prisons across the UK, the HMPPS delegates had all been recently been promoted to Supervising Officers and assigned to the HMPPS Standards and Coaching Team (SCT). The SCT, tasked by Rory Stewart MP (when Prisons Minister), has been created to: mentor and coach new or inexperienced staff; challenge poor practice and provide support; support experienced staff and remind them of the correct standards; model exceptional practice and; challenge more senior staff who they observe accepting poor standards.

Modified from the versions previously delivered to Defence Academy and MOD audiences (to specifically support the SCT’s mandate), this was the first time the Active Bystander Workshop had been delivered to a non-MOD audience and the 2 hour serial was delivered to three different groups of 20 prison officers.

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