Defence Cyber School -‘One Year On’

07 March 2019 / Categories: DA News and Events

As Defence Cyber School approaches its one year anniversary, defence celebrates the school’s achievements.

Since it’s opening in March 2018, the Defence Cyber School has delivered over 4,000 days of training to personnel across its range of courses. Training has been wide ranging from practical networking taught to Junior and Senior Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs), cyber awareness to Senior NCOs and officers and strategic level cyber awareness to 1-star masterclasses and Higher Command and Staff Course (HCSC) students.  As well as the military personnel, there have been numerous representatives from MOD civil service and our partners across government on each of the courses.  

Gavin Williamson, Secretary of State for Defence, said: 

“Since it opened, the Cyber School has been an integral part of our commitment to make cyber a key capability for our Armed Forces.”
“Over the next few years we will be redoubling our efforts to strengthen our resilience against adversaries and ensure we can protect Britain and our Armed Forces from threats.” 
Demand for training continues to grow and there are advanced plans to triple capacity within 12-18 months both at the Defence Cyber School at Shrivenham and other single service sites to increase capacity further by the use of ‘federated’ training.  The number of classrooms in Shrivenham will double and greater network connectivity will enhance the training experience and allow larger scale exercises with greater sophistication.  

Head of Defence Cyber School said: 

“We welcome applications from across defence and government but demand exceeds capacity at present, therefore places are sifted to ensure that they are allocated to those with the greatest need.  The proposed expansion should help to alleviate the backlog and expand the catalogue of courses.”

With the fast paced nature of cyber operations, courses are constantly under review and an invaluable part of this is the use of reservists and industry representatives who bring a different perspective and expertise to future training required to operate successfully in a digitally enabled world.  Further integration of both regular and reserve personnel remains a key objective at the school. While regular forces personnel use the school during the week, the weekends are taken up by members of all three reserve forces conducting their specialist cyber training. The training of the Cyber Protection Teams has also moved to the Cyber School. New courses are being devised to provide training ‘pathways’ for cyber operations, thereby delivering the most suitable skillset for the role that students will take up in their next unit.

Entering its second year, the school is forward-looking, with significant effort spent to forecast and plan against a truly burgeoning requirement, and has laid excellent foundations to build on the great success to date.


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