Director General Joint Force Development & Defence Academy

09 January 2015 / Categories: DA News and Events

Vice Admiral Duncan Potts has assumed the new post of Director General Joint Force Development (DG JFD) and the Defence Academy, based at Shrivenham.

Previously the post was DG of the Defence Academy, but now the role has broadened bringing the 2* Joint Warfare area and the Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre into the JFD fold within Joint Forces Command. Vice Admiral Potts will support the current and future force by planning and delivering Defence and Joint training and education, doctrine and concepts, Joint Warfare development, Defence Lessons and Command Force Development. Work is ongoing to take the new 3* organisation forward from the declared Initial Operating Capability on 19 Sep 14 to a fully integrated organisation, which aims to bring together and exploit the synergies across the broad remit. Vice Admiral Potts has arrived into the post from Navy Command on promotion to 3* and is looking forward to the challenge ahead – he aims to enhance Defence and Joint training and education across the JFD area which stretches from school/university level education right through to mission preparation and the loop back following lessons identified from Operations and Exercises.
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