Distance Learning in Defence

15 April 2020 / Categories: DA News and Events

How you can create a positive habit now that will pay dividends for the rest of your career.

However, some working from home are finding themselves with more time than they previously had.  A lack of commute, or the temporary suspension of projects has given many people back extra hours that they are now eager to fill in a meaningful way.

For those seeking to use their time effectively, the Defence Learning Environment (DLE) available via the Defence Gateway is available to everyone within Defence that has an internet connected device.  With 1000's of learning opportunities covering a vast array of different subjects, such as coaching and mentoring or digital skills, there is a course for everyone.  Some courses take only a few minutes to complete, whilst others with require an investment of a number of years, but each one offers knowledge and skills which are certain to pay dividends in your career. 

The DLE is there for more than just the completion of mandatory training courses; there is an opportunity to join the 30,000 people using it every day in making a positive change during these uncertain times by broadening your skills.  A number of courses available on the DLE link to wider academic qualifications, and with a learning portfolio available to record and reflect on your progress you might just begin a life-long learning habit which sees you come out of the current lockdown better equipped than ever.

You can access the Defence Learning Environment through Defence Gateway, which is available on any web browser (Chrome is recommended) or through the Moodle app (free to download).

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