Ethics of Stabilisation and Security Seminar, Armed Forces Chaplaincy Centre

10 October 2018 / Categories: DA News and Events

Academics and senior military officers gathered at the Armed Forces Chaplaincy Centre, Amport House, for an all-day seminar on the subject of “The Ethics of Stabilisation and Security, Principles for Jus Post Bellum.” an event designed to bring together both military and academic professionals.

The audience, numbering over 40, included four US experts, both academic and military, and four representatives from the European International Society for Military Ethics.

Chaired by Major General Tim Cross, the seminar had an array of expert speakers, including Professors Nigel Biggar, David Rodin (both of the University of Oxford), Professors David Whetham and Richard Sullivan (both of King’s College, London), Brigadier Benn Barry (IISS) and Lt Col Thammy Evans (77Bde and DCAF).

The seminar was brought to a close by Air Vice Marshal Johnny Stringer (RAF and  JFC), with one academic from Royal Military Academy professing “I’ve never heard such high-powered speakers in a seminar.

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