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11 November 2015 / Categories: DA News and Events

MOD Fast Stream Civil Servants 'stormed' the Defence Academy for the first two-week Armed Forces Awareness Course.

Twenty MOD Fast Stream Civil Servants were part of the defence Academy’s new Armed Forces Awareness Course (FS AFC), which aims to give an understanding of the environment the Armed Forces operate in and the challenges they face – from technical, human, political, international, ethical, financial, logistical or environmental.

The course also gives participants first-hand experiences of the different services in the Armed Forces, and the way each operate with the equipment capabilities available. This includes visits to HMS Bristol in Portsmouth, the Repatriation Centre at RAF Brize Norton, as well as two days in Brecon at the Army Infantry Training School - complete with a night out sleeping in the field before completing an Army assault course.

“The course was absolutely fantastic,” said Luke Hughes, Int’l Policy desk (Africa 5) in the MOD. “I think we all felt extremely privileged to be exposed to the sorts of people and opportunities laid on for us by the Defence Academy. It covered a varied and stimulating array of topics, and built on the one week course without repetition. The sessions on the ‘Realities of Conflict’ were particularly thought-provoking, and it’s no exaggeration to say that I'm sure we will remember them for many years to come.”

The course is run by a small team within the Defence Academy’s Technology School lead by Lt Col Jon Stott RRF and supported by WO2 Stewart Baird, SSgt Rob Cooper and Pippa Aitken.

It is run specifically for Fast Stream Civil Servants destined for senior careers within the MOD. Fast Streamers are expected to have the potential to reach the Senior Civil Service (service equivalent 1* and above) by the middle of their career with stretch potential to 2*-3* posts thereafter.

The course also benefits from ‘fireside chats’ with senior military personnel – the first one delivered by DG JFD, Vice Admiral Potts CB, who shared his many military insights and life experiences prompting one student to say: “The course has provided me with a significant amount of knowledge and understanding of the Armed Forces that I can take back to my “day job” that I think would have taken many months to build up organically.”

The next MOD Fast Stream Armed Forces Course is due to be run in April 2016. Places are managed by the MOD’s Talent Management Team.

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