Général de Barmon visits Army Division

03 June 2015 / Categories: DA News and Events, JSCSC

Général de Barmon, the General Commanding the French Écoles Militaires in Saumur, visited Army Division on 12 May 2015.  

The visit was an opportunity for the two Academies to exchange views on the principles and delivery of Army Intermediate Command and Staff Training. 

As a result, the Academy will establish an annual discussion event with Saumur.  This will ensure the respective intermediate courses benefit from mutual best practice and staff identify opportunities to send directing personnel to observe specific modules. 

During his visit to Army Division, Général de Barmon engaged with students on Exercise SOVEREIGN STRIKE, one of the Brigade Level exercises conducted on ICSC(L).  

He also met with Comdt JSCSC, KCL academic partners and  Defence Academy Deputy Head Training & Education.

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