Higher Command and Staff Course launch new reading list

03 August 2020 / Categories: DA News and Events

HCSC launch a new reading list on the character of conflict, deterrence, leadership, great powers competition, strategy, space and cyber. 


Set to reconvene in January 2021, the Defence Academy’s Higher Command and Staff Course (HCSC)  is a 16-week long course delivered at the post-graduate level and takes place at the Joint Services Command and Staff College at Shrivenham. The course prepares future leaders in higher command and staff appointments to fight and win against any future state and non-state adversary.  It focusses on the art and science of warfare at the operational level in the strategic setting of a combined, joint, inter-agency, intra-government, and multinational environment.  The course represents the pinnacle of staff training delivered by UK defence and, although the majority of students are UK military, overseas military officers and key partners from other British government departments also attend.  The course is reviewed yearly to ensure it remains at the cutting edge of contemporary security education.  

The Defence Academy is committed to supporting and inspiriting professional and personal learning and development beyond the strict confines of formal and residential educational programmes. Vibrant communities of learning and practice empower our people to participate in open debate, push boundaries, and find solutions to tomorrow's problems while breaking-down social barriers. The HCSC reading list is another way the Defence Academy promotes world-class professional military education.

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