How would you react to a bully? Take the Active Bystander Fundamentals course

08 October 2020 / Categories: DA News and Events

It’s Learning at Work Week. With diversity and inclusion at the core of our defence values, now is a good time to grow and build skills for effective and inclusive leadership.  


Do you think you could stand up to bullying and harassment if you saw it?

In the UK, studies generally agree that 10-20% of all people in the workplace have experienced bullying, across all working sectors. These findings are similar across defence.  

Run by the Defence Academy, the online Active Bystander Fundamentals course works to combat bullying and harassment in the workplace by empowering individuals to identify and safely challenge unacceptable behaviours.  

Over 7500 people across MOD have completed Active Bystander Fundamentals since its launch just a few months ago. The course provides an overview of the knowledge and skills that can be used to positively and safely challenge inappropriate behaviours and foster a culture founded on respect and dignity for all. 

Through a series of six modules, the online course promotes a peer-led approach to improve negative organisational and peer culture, by encouraging active intervention by anyone witnessing it. After completing the course, you will be able to define unacceptable behaviour, explain the bystander effect, recognise barriers to intervening and identify actions to safely intervene.

*When accessing Active Bystander Fundamentals on the DLE please use Google Chrome as the course is not supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer. Enrolment key 1234. 

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