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06 October 2020 / Categories: DA News and Events

‘Learning to outmanoeuvre our adversaries by developing Information Advantage through research-led training and education’


The Information Warfare Group (IWG), launched nearly a year ago by Commander UKSTRATCOM Gen Sir Patrick Saunders at the UK Defence Academy, is responsible for training and educating defence and security specialists and generalists to fight with information across the five domains: space, cyber and electro-magnetic, maritime, air and land.

The changing character of warfare and the persistent nature of conflict in the grey zone (sub threshold) require a workforce that is digitally upskilled, cyber-security aware and able to integrate offensive and defensive virtual weaponry at the point of need. This applies to the whole force, regardless of rank or grade or service, and sees the IWG managing and running a broad portfolio of outputs. 

Since its launch – and notwithstanding the challenges of COVID - the group has progressed considerably towards achieving Full Operating Capability (FOC) and meeting the IWG vision:

Learning to outmanoeuvre our adversaries by developing Information Advantage through research-led training and education’

As a sum of its parts, the Information Warfare Group consists of: The Defence Cyber School (DCS), the Information Capability (Info Cap) School and the Information Exploitation School (IES), including the Defence Simulation and Modelling team. The group’s adopted pathway-approach to training and education currently runs the Cyber Foundation Pathway on behalf of defence, in addition to a Knowledge Information Management (KIM) pathway being developed for information and digital professionals, expected to launch in 2021. In partnership with Cranfield University, the group is also responsible for the Digital and Cyber Masters programme, Simulation Employment Training and an associated Simulation and Modelling Masters course. 

This year, the IWG has continued to successfully deliver the 1/2* focused Digital Masterclasses programme and will deliver a 3*/4* Digital Leadership Learning programme (DLLP) from January 2021, in partnership with Boston Consulting Group. In addition to developing an information advantage awareness package for all personnel, the IWG continues to support command and staff training within the joint professional military education environment, and supports operationally focused customers on exercises and experimentation. 

As we continue with Learning at Work Week and during Cyber Awareness Month, the group is announcing the launch of the Information Warfare Network in November, a community of interest for defence and security personnel, as well as academia and industry. The network aims to bring together (and grow) a diverse, innovative and informed group of people who can share information-specific threat understanding, can exploit and inform research and development activity, can capture and learn lessons from experiences and events, and (in time) can be united to answer challenging defence problems.


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